GT-N7000 루팅 - [Instruction] Have Full Root on ICS 4.0.3

원문 :


NO need to flash CF kernel

1. Download files and put them to your SD card:
SU busybox
2. Go to Recovery (power+volume up+home)
3. Choose (apply update from external storage)
4. Choose and flash it. Then you see new Recovery menu (without Reboot)
5. after that use need by sensor display. Choose install zip from external SD and flash

 => CWM 리부팅 됩니다.. 센서로 동작하네요.. ^^

     외장카드에 옮겨두셨더라도.. 인터널 SD 선턱하셔야 합니다.. 위치가 바뀌었어요~ ^^
6. Reboot
7. Enjoy! You have Full Root!!!



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